I just want to say thank you!  I could not have found a better instructor.  Mr. Marchant was easy to follow and easy to understand.  I had taken my Security + exam before unfortunately let my certification expire.  Taking his class was more informative than the   class I had taken before.  It was not just reading of Powerpoint.    Mr. Marchant explained things in detail.  I feel more knowledgeable and confident this time taking the Security+ exam.  Thank you!


Gareth’s teaching style, use of examples and willingness to try new approaches was key to the success of the class.  The decision to share this knowledge with other Clerk’s Offices is extremely commendable and the bar was set high for subsequent training classes.  Using the [virtual] training sessions allowed the participants to feel as if we were actually part of a “class.”  I’m excited to take the test and look forward to certification.


 A big thank you for making the Security+ training course a reality.  Major shout-outs to Gareth too, for taking the chance and delivering the content online.  The course was great, the content, spot-on.  It’ll be great to see what’s offered next (hint – hint). 


I have my Master’s degree in Cyber Security and I will say that I have never had a better instructor. He explained and drew out the answers in an easy to learn format and stressed the areas that are needed to know for the exam. He was very interactive and personable. The live examples and particularly going through the practice test really helped. Overall, Gareth taught the course exceptionally.


This training track has been very beneficial here in Charlotte. The highlight has been Gareth’s knowledge and ability to relay this to us.  He is absolutely fantastic!  Gareth mentioned the possibility of other training opportunities.  We are standing in line.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Gareth for the effort he put in to making this an enjoyable course to attend, it was presented well, at a good pace, and did not get bogged down in the details, which I know can prove challenging.